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Apache OpenOffice: Calc - Monthly Planner Tutorial


About Apache OpenOffice Calc

      Apache’s OpenOffice Calc is an open source office productivity application and is available on Linux, macOS and Windows. There are also ports available for other operating systems. It is included in the Apache OpenOffice Suite and is an OSS alternative to Microsoft Office’s Excel.


      This goal of this tutorial is to help a novice user of any spreadsheet application to navigate and use Apache OpenOffice. There will be a range of different tools and functions used to create some breadth in understanding however it will be brief and Windows based. This is an introductory tutorial and is not recommended for users who have a lot of experience in using such software. A very basic level of office suite knowledge is assumed i.e. how to edit cells and use basic tools.

 The product of this tutorial will be a simple monthly planner. It will consist of two sheets, the planner itself (as seen below) and the important dates to be automatically populated into the planner. All formulas will be provided in their entirety and will simply need to be copy and pasted into the appropriate cells.


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