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ArchiveOrg: VideoUploadBasic

Upload a Video or Audio File

You can upload video files to the Internet Archive for permanent storage. This is a very useful service as the tools are quite easy to use, and you can link to the video file from your webpage / blog (etc) or send a link to the video via email. In addition, if you are uploading a video the service transcodes (converts) the video file into other video file formats. This may be useful if, for example, you have a video file you wish to have converted to flash for hosting in your blog etc.

You can upload video and audio in a number of ways, the easiest way is through their web interface. Please note - this method isn't so good for files that are 50MB or more, and it is also not such a good method if your internet connection is 'slow' or unstable.

To access the upload interface first click on "Upload" from the front page of the Internet Archive :


You should see the following :


Although the text suggests that this process is good for files up to 100MB I would recommend for files larger than 50MB you should try the more advanced (files over 100MB') option.

Enter a Title for your work in the text field and click the "Next" button. You will be presented with a screen with a lot of information to be filled in :


There are many sections here to be filled out, the below is a short explanation of each section.

  1. Title (required): This should already contain the Title you provided from the previous page.
  2. Description (required): Enter into the Description box as much information as you think will be relevant to people who find your video. This information can include an overview of the video, who made it, what it is about, etc. In fact you could put anything here but its best to write a nice clear summary of the content.
  3. Keyword(s) (required): In the Keyword(s) box add as many words keywords as you think are relevant. 'Keywords' are words that describe or are related to the content of your video. This also helps people find your video when they use the Internet Archive search. Make sure that the list of keywords is 'comma separated. This means you should make a list like this: "movie, food, cat, italy" not "movie food cat italy".
  4. Author (optional) : who made the movie? List as many people as you like here.
  5. File to Upload : Under the section "File to upload" click on the Browse button and locate the file you want to upload on your hard drive, then click OK.
  6. Under "Type of item" choose '(movies)' or '(audio)' by clicking on the little movie camera icon or the icon with headphones.

Now we get to the licensing...click on "Choose License". A pop up window will appear :

archive.org licence

I have chosen the above options for a licence but you can choose the options you prefer. If you would like to know more about Creative Commons licenses there is excellent information on their website (http://www.creativecommons.org).

Click on the options you prefer and when you are happy click "Select a License" button and click "Proceed" on the next page.

The pop-up window should then disappear leaving the license choice listed in the original web page :


If you do not wish to upload the file (for example you may be just testing this process) then click on "This is a test item". If you really want to upload the content to the Internet Archive, then leave this item unclicked.

Then click "Upload files".

The whole screen goes dark to let you know that you need to wait while the file uploads.

dark screen   

That's it!

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