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ArchiveOrg: Register


To use the data storage services of the Internet Archive you need to first register. Its a simple process, first visit the URL http://www.archive.org/

This will bring up the front page. At the top you will see a navigation bar, click on 'join us'.


You then get a form to fill out with your details and some terms of use. When you are happy with the terms enter your email, password, and name that you want to be displayed with your entries. A screen name is the 'public' name that will be displayed when you write reviews etc. Even though the form says the 'screen name' is optional, it isn't, so make sure you supply one. When these details are completed click 'Get Library Card'.


If all is well you will get a confirmation screen that will refresh within 10 seconds and take you back to the home page. You should then be logged in under your new account name. To check if you are logged in at any time look at the right of the screen where you clicked 'join us' and you should see your screen name displayed:

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