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For some or other project you might need to take the Custom CD Printing service to present it in the best possible manner. When it comes to choosing the method for CD Cover Printing for any project there are a lot of factors that govern your choice. Some of the prominent ones include:

1. How many CD’s you will get printed?
2. What is the use of the end product that you are intending to bring?
3. What is the budget of your custom CD printing project?
4. What kind of artwork you will be getting printed on the CD?
5. Will it involve more of photographs or will have color blocks?

Once you will get answers to all these factors then finalizing the CD printing process for your project will become all the more easier and appropriate for you.

Digital custom CD printing is one of the most popular ways to get the CD printing done for various purposes. This kind of CD printing follows the same process as that of inkjet printer, which most of the home printer users are acquainted of. In fact, many home printers can also be bought with a CD printing tray for printing pre-manufactured CDR’s that come with printable surface. 

The CD cover printing company that you are most likely to finalize will in probability be using an inkjet printer only, which is specifically made for CD printing only. These special inkjet printers for CD printing come with an auto-loading mechanism which allows the unattended printing of up to 200 CDs at a time. This kind of printer automatically loads the unprinted CD’s and unloads them again automatically once the printing is done that too in a separate spindle. 

Even though the digital CD printing done using this method is slower than other options available in the market, the cost for the process has never been defined by the service providers. It still varies from one to another depending on the number of discs that need to be printed and the kind of printing that needs to be done. In some cases, the printing cost also depends on the delivery deadline for the project and may cost more for projects that need to be delivered on immediate basis. 

However, this method of printing provides very high quality professional looking prints which you might not get with any other printing option.

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