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bitSuite (bitString, bitDyad, bitTemper) is a collection of standalone apps designed to provide a visual, hands-on environment for exploring the world of overtones, tuning, and temperament. The bitSuite apps are intended for use in conjunction with “Reinventing the Piano,” an online course taught by Princeton University professor Dan Trueman via the Kadenze platform. The tools found in bitSuite will appeal to students of music theory, music history, physics, tuning, instrument design, and beyond. Additionally, bitSuite introduces fundamental sonic concepts used throughout bitKlavier, a feature-rich prepared digital piano designed by Dan Trueman and Mike Mulshine.

bitString is an environment for exploring overtones and partials of a single pitch. It introduces a visual spectrogram, sonogram, string animator, and rudimentary keyboard interface.

bitDyad builds on elements of the bitString interface, allowing the user to tune one note to fixed reference pitch, and both sonically and visually explore different “flavors” of intervals.

bitTemper replicates the experience of tuning a harpsichord. It affords hands-on opportunities for ear training with temperaments and tuning systems, and allows students to experience the mathematical choices associated with tuning a keyboard instrument.  

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