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Removing Chromium from Other Linux Distributions

Removing Chromium from Other Linux Distributions

If you installed Chromium on a Linux distribution other than Ubuntu, using that distribution's package manager, you can remove Chromium from your system using the package manager. If, however, you installed Chromium from a zip archive, you'll need to manually remove it from your system. Here's how:

  1. Open a terminal window and enter superuser mode. You will be prompted for your root password.

    $ su

  2. Change to the directory above the directory where you installed Chromium. For example, if you installed Chromium in /usr/local/chrome-linux, type the following command:

    $ cd /usr/local

  3. Type the following command to delete the directory chrome-linux and everything under it:

    $ rm -rf chrome-linux

  4. If you added a shortcut to your desktop, delete it.

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