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DVDAuthorGUI: AddSubtitles

Adding subtitles

This stage assumes you have already got your subtitles in the languages you want to add them ready in formats which are supported.

The formats supported are *.sub, *.srt,  *.ssa, *.smi, *.rt, *.txt, *.aqt

Our aim is to add several subtitles for each film.  

Adding Subtitles 

In the main menu of the program select the video title that you want to add a subtitle file for then select  from the  top menus Extras > Add / Edit subtitles.

 When the subtitles window appears click on the add subtitle button.

Browse for the relevant subtitle file and click Open to add it.

 You should also choose the relevant ISO standard for the text, Western Eupopean languages are normally ISO-8859-1, Eastern European ISO-8859-2.

You can also alter the text font and size in this window, although the defaults seem to be quite clear.

You can add other subtitles in the same way. Keep a note of the order you add them for the next step.

When you have add  all the subtitles then we need to define what language they are. 

To do this select from the top menu Extras > Edit Language Tags

When the language tag window appears, click on the add sub tag button.

Then you need to select the language of the subtitle files you added in the same order. To start this process select the language of the first subtitle from the drop down box on the left of the window.

Repeat this process with the rest of the subtitle languages until the language tags are lined up in the same order as your subtitle tracks.


Then click the accept button

You are now ready to author the DVD see the main help section for this software for help on that.

Advanced Subtitle settings

Advanced settings are achived by manually editing the XML file.
   DVDAuthorGUI is of course, based on DVDAUTHOR, which by default uses a XML document to define how the dvd is arranged. It would be impossible to add all of the features that DVDAUTHOR supports, so I added a simple XML editor which would allow the user to fully customize how the dvd is created. This could be anything from creating multiple titlesets, to defining whether a subtitle is on or off by default, to practically anything defined in the DVDAUTHOR documentation.

This includes Controlling if subtitles are on or off by default and altering menu items to play subtitles in a particular language.

To enable this feature, goto "file".."Edit XML prior to Authoring". Now, when the user clicks the Author button, the user can select a folder to save the dvd-fileset. Then the gui will display a simple xml editor. After making the changes, click "close". The gui will ask the user if they want to save. Then, the gui will give the user the option to either continue the authoring process, or to not. Either way, the XML changes are recorded, and will stay that way, unless the user alters the project (adding/removing/editing any titles/menus will discard the changes). As mentioned in the loading/saving project section, these changes will be saved in the project file, when the user saves the project.


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