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ELMCIP User's Guide

3.2 Book or Journal Information

On this page enter bibliographic information about the work of critical writing. The fields on this page apply primarily to two publication types, books and journals. If you can't find all of the information, we understand, just be as thorough as possible.

ISBN: The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric identifier assigned to each edition and variation of a book. Enter the ISBN-13 (preferred) or ISBN-10, including the hyphens (if printed with them). If a book is published in hardcover and paperback editions, enter the hardcover edition first. 

The ISBN is typically found on the copyright page and on the back cover or jacket of the book. You can also find the ISBN by looking up the book in WorldCat, a library catalog, or an online bookstore, such as Amazon.com

ISBN numbers are only for books, while journals have ISSN and/or e-ISSN numbers. See below for details.

WorldCat Permalink: If a record for this item is available on the WorldCat library database wordcat.org, enter the Permalink in this field. Use the URL title field to indicate the edition year (e.g. 1996 ed.). Multiple entries are allowed. 

You will find the Permalink button at the top of the item's WorldCat record, to the right of the Cite/ExportPrintE-mail, and Share buttons. 

Edition: If this critical writing has been published in multiple editions, enter information about this edition here (e.g. 2nd ed.).


Other edition: If there is a record in the Knowledge Base of another edition of this item, cross-reference it here.


Series:  If the critical work was published as part of a series, enter the series title here. The series title will autocomplete if a node record for it exists in the database. If the series is not yet in the database, add the seriesNote: Typically, you will be entering the name of book series (e.g. Electronic Mediations on the University of Minnesota Press), though there are a few exceptions (e.g. ebr threads, such as electropoetics and critical ecologies, are series).


Journal volume and issue: If an article appears in a numbered and/or dated serial, enter the volume number first, followed by a period and the issue number. For an article paginated by issue, e.g. (volume 42, issue 1), simply enter: 42.1. For an article published in a weekly or monthly periodical. Enter the day first, then the month (abbreviated except for May, June, and July), e.g. 20 Oct. or 01 May.


Page numbers: If you are entering a chapter from a book or an article from a journal, enter the start and end page numbers, separated by a hyphen (e.g. 65-77). Use the complete number (e.g. 277-297, not 277-97). 

Appears In: If the essay or article appears in a book, anthology, or special issue of a journal enter the title here. If the publication is not yet in the Knowledge Base, you should first add the critical writing.


ISSN: An International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique eight-digit number used to identify print publications. Enter the ISSN with a hyphen between the two four-digit numbers. You can usually find a journal's ISSN on the inside front cover, along with the masthead and information about the editors and staff, and on the barcode. The journal's website or a library-catalog record for the journal should also have the ISSN.


e-ISSN: Electronic journals are also assigned an eISSN, which is a different number from the journal's print version.


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