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ELMCIP User's Guide

3.4 - References and Attachments

On this page, enter information about other texts events referenced in the critical writing. These references will be linked to other nodes in the Knowledge Base, making visible relations within the e-literary field.

Info about References and Attachments (Critical Writing): 

Creative works referenced: Enter the title of a work of electronic literature or digital literary art referenced in the critical writing. If the work is not already in the Knowledge Base, click on the link to create a new record for it.  

Critical writing referenced:
  If one work of critical writing references another in a substantial way (sustained critical engagement) cross-reference it here by entering the title in the autocomplete field. If it is not yet in the Knowledge Base, click the link to add the critical writing.

Event referenced: If the critical writing is about an event, such as a report on a conference or a review of a festival or exhibition, enter the event here. The field will autocomplete if the event is in the Knowledge Base, otherwise first click on the link to add the event.

Electronic Literature directory entry: if this critical writing has an entry in the ELO's Electronic Literature Directory, add a reference here by linking the complete URL of the Page. 

Add image: Upload an image of the book cover or other image. Click the "Choose file" button and locate the file on your hard drive, then click "Upload." The file must be smaller than 120 MB. The follow file types are allowed: png, gif, jpg, jpeg.

Multimedia: Use this field to display Vimeo and YouTube videos, and other multimedia content. Note: flickr photo sets are not currently working with this field. We are waiting for an update to the module, so please wait until the issue is resolved before adding them.

Attach relevant files here: Use this field to upload the following type of files: txt, pdf, ppt, mp3, html, htm, rtf, pptx. You may want to upload full-text files of the critical writing, audio files of a conference session when the critical writing was discussed, or slides from a talk during which the critical writing was presented.

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