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ELMCIP User's Guide

4.2 - Biography

Biography is the second page of an Authors/Person record. Enter information here about a person's year of birth (and year of death, if applicable), an author photo (no larger than 400x400) and a short biography. This biographical profile should help situate the person within the field of electronic literature, typically by providing basic professional details that foreground their activities in and around the digital-literary arts. There is also an attachment field, which can be used to upload a CV or biographical materials in PDF format.

Author photo: Click "Choose File" to locate the image on your hard drive, then select "Upload." For the file to upload properly, it must meet the following specifications: it may be no larger than 400 x 400 pixels; it must be smaller than 120 MB, it must be one of the following file types: a png, gif, jpg, or jpeg file.

Short biography: Enter a biographical profile of the person. Again, it should include basic professional details that helps situate the person within the field of electronic literature. Select "Simple HTML" as the text format. If you copy the text, cite the source as follows: (Source: author's webpage).

Text format: Choose "Simple HTML."

Add a new file: Use this field to attach a text file or PDF document, such as a CV. Click "Choose File" to select a txt or PDF file from your hard drive, then select "Upload." The file must be less than 120 MB.

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