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ELMCIP User's Guide

7.1 - Organization Information

On the Organization Information page users enter basic data about the organization: its name, location, email address, and the URL for its website.

Name of Organization: Enter the full, official name of the organization. In most cases, spell out any acronyms.

If an organization is regularly referred to by its acronym, you can indicate this in the description. For instance, the entry on the Electronic Literature Organization makes clear that the non-profit group is commonly called the ELO.

When entering the name of the organization, be as specific as possible when it is a smaller organization embedded within a larger institution. A single university may host several organizations active in the e-literary field. Each organization may warrant a separate node record.

The University of Bergen (where the research team responsible for building and editing the ELMCIP Knowledge Base is based), for example, hosts or has hosted several organizations that have contributed to the development of the field of electronic literature. These organizations include departments, programs, and research groups. Therefore, the University of Bergen appears in several entries: Electronic Literature Research Group, University of Bergen; University of Bergen, Department of Humanistic Informatics; and University of Bergen, Program in Digital Culture.  

Location name: Be as precise as you can, but at the very least add the city and country. A "contact" link on the organization's webpage may provide the information you need.

Email: In most cases, the email address to enter here will be found by following a "contact" link on the organization's webpage.

URL: Add the title and the homepage for the organization.

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