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ELMCIP User's Guide

8.2 - Description

The Description page just asks for two pieces of information - a short description of the event and tags that help to describe the event.

Short description: Provide a brief description of the event, one that provides as much of the following information as possible: Who organized the event? What took place and where? When was the event held? Why is the event relevant to the e-literary field? How did it make an intervention into its present situation? How was the event received, by participants and others? Will it likely be remembered as a significant event in e-literary history?


Much of the basic factual information can likely be found on the event's website, perhaps in the call for works and papers or promotional about pages. If you cite directly from these materials, cite it as follows:

(Source: Event website.)

Evaluative remarks about the event's reception, relevance and significance will, obviously, require additional research and critical judgment. Indentify the sources, including oneself, of these evaluations like this:

(Source: Author's name.)

 Tags: A comma-separated list of terms, keywords, or phrases that describe and/or contextualize this event. For example: electronic literature, net art, interactive fiction, sonic art, animations, digital poetics, affordances, constraints, juried show, online exhibition, reading, literary, locative media, remediation, obsolescence,  gallery, scholarly.

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