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ELMCIP User's Guide


Authors are people working in or around the field in the field of electronic literature. Each author has a "Person" record in the Knowledge Base. A developed person record includes the person's legal name, contact information, location, and basic biographical information.

The list of authors in the Electronic Literature Knowledge Base is fairly extensive, as the editorial team decided to take an expanded view of the author-function, one appropriate to a field characterized by an expanded definition of writing. Put simply, an author is person whose activities have contributed to the field of electronic literature, endowing them with some degree of authority.

Many authors in the Knowledge Base are writers of some sort: the artist-practitioners who compose creative works; the scholars, critics, and journalists who write critical works; the translators who translate texts from one language to another; or editors and publishers who edit and commission texts and administer the publications and sites where writing circulates. Other person records include: teachers of courses on electronic literature and officials at organizations.

When creating or revising a person record, you will typically be entering data on two types screens (listed in the left-hand column of the "Create Person" page): Basic Information and Biography.

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