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FLOSSManuals: CreateAnAccount

Managing Accounts

FLOSS Manuals gives you lots of tools for managing your account. If you ever get stuck you can always email the system administrator : adam@flossmanuals.net 

Creating an Account

It is necessary to register (create an account) before you can start editing. Anyone can register, and your account is active immediately.

We require registration before you can contribute so that you can be credited for your contributions. All chapters carry a credit notice for both the creator of a chapter and all those that modified the content. 

Registration also helps to reduce SPAM. Some nasty SPAMMERS have automatic processes that submit content to wikis and other open systems. These 'contributions' are annoying and waste everyone's time. By requiring registration we avoid most of these automatic processes and keep the site clear of most SPAM.

To register you need to go to http://www.flossmanuals.net/register

You will see a simple form :

In this form you can enter your details. All fields are required except the country.

First Name and Last Name

It is a good idea to use your correct first and last names for the purposes of crediting you for your contributions. 


You use the Username to log into FLOSS Manuals. It is automatically (by default) changed to a combination of your first and last names. However you can change it, and doing so will make no difference to how you are credited.


Please note that FLOSS Manuals does not publish your email anywhere, even on our own site. Your email address is simply required for admin purposes (such as mailing you your password if you forget it).


It is not a good idea to use a password you use for storing sensitive information anywhere. This is good practice for any accounts you create on any new system.  Use instead a password you haven't used before or one that you might use just for these kind of purposes.


It's interesting to know where contributers are from, but it's not compulsory for you to tell us. 


If you enter all the information correctly, you should receive an email telling you everything is ok, and then you will be automatically logged-in and sent to the WRITE part of the website where you can start contributing to manuals.

You can see that you are logged in by checking the top of the navigation bar on the left. If you are, it will display your user name:


When you have registered you can later log in using the Username you entered and the password you gave.

Logging In

To log in to FLOSS Manuals you need to first open the WRITE section of FLOSS Manuals. If you already have FLOSS Manuals open in your browser then just click on 'WRITE' :


Or you can point your browser to http://www.flossmanuals.net/write 

Then you click on the LOGIN text :


This will bring up the login page :


In the text boxes shown enter your Username and your Password and press 'Logon'. You will then be directed to the WRITE section.

Logging Out

You may wish to log out when you have finished working with FLOSS Manuals for the day. This is usually a good idea if you are sharing a machine as it ensures no one else can make edits under your name. If, at anytime, you wish to log out simply click on LOGOUT at the top left of the navigation bar:


This will instantly log you out of FLOSS Manuals and you should see that your Username disappears and LOGOUT changes to LOGIN.


Forgotten Your Password?

If you come to log in and realise you have forgotten your password, then in the log-in window you will see a link to resetting your password :


This last link will take you to a new page where you can request a new password be sent to you via email.

Want to change your password?

If you decide you need to change your password then in the login page you can click on 'change' :


You will be directed to a new page where you can change your password.

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