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FLOSSManuals: CreateAChapter

Creating a New Chapter

Anyone who has registered and logged in can create a new chapter, the process is pretty simple:

Start by going to one of the manuals listed in the WRITE section, I will use the GIMP manual as an example, where you will see this:


If you look at the bottom of the first orange box you will see 'Create a new chapter' (in some manuals this box may not be located in the same place) :


To create a new chapter (make sure you are logged in) type the name of the new chapter in the box provided and press 'Create'. If I want to create a chapter I can type something like 'Improving photos' :


When I press 'Create' a new chapter will be created and I will be taken directly to the new chapter so I can start writing:


What you may notice is that the name of the chapter is now displayed at the top, and it is displayed in 'Camel Case'. So I see 'ImprovingPhotos' not what I wrote, which was 'Improving photos'. All chapters are converted to Camel Case like this automatically.

You should also see a default text everytime that you create a new chapter. You should delete this text before you start writing your chapter.


When you create a new chapter you are immediately credited as the copyright owner and the chapter is licensed under the GPL. The GPL is the 'General Public License' and this is the license used by FLOSS Manuals to ensure all content is kept free. For more information about the license see http://www.flossmanuals.net/license

Some think it is odd that the we use copyright at all... after all isn't the content meant to be 'open'? Well, all free licenses, including Creative Commons, are not outside of copyright. They are all licenses that manage copyright so that others can use and re-use the content. Hence there is always a 'copyright holder' - and that person is the one who created the content. If you create a chapter, you 'own' that chapter. However the license (GPL) means anyone can use it, for any purpose, forever, as long as any changes they make are also licensed using the GPL.

The credits are listed on every output of FLOSS Manuals. So your name will be associated with the chapter in the online manuals, the downloadable PDF, and in a print-on-demand version of the manual. You can also see the credit notice at anytime by looking at the chapter in the WRITE section. For example, if I save the chapter created in the above example I see this:


You would of course see your name here. The name comes not from your Username but the First Name and Last Name you gave when you registered, so it is important you entered that information correctly.

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