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Getting Started

To get started with the the FLOSS Manuals localization tools you need to first choose a language you wish to work on. You can see that the front page of the localize tools has a list of languages on the left :


The languages are represented by 'locale abbreviations' and all end wiuth the suffix '.po'.

If you wish to work on one of these languages (for translation) then you need to simply click on the appropriate abbreviation. For example, if I was to choose German I would click on 'de.po'. Once I have done this more options will appear in the interface like so :


You can click on each of these tabs for different translation functions. You can also, at anytime, click on the "LANGUAGE' tab (the one you started with) to be returned to the start page. You can also see that in each tab is the name of the language you have selected :


Additionally, you can always tell which function of localize you are using by the color of the tabs. The active tab will always be a different colour to the others. For example, when I am in the 'start page' you will notice that the colour of the 'LANGUAGE' tab is pale while the rest are yellow.

The other tabs are, in brief, as follows :


If you click on this tab you access functions that enable you to translate the text in the .po file you have already chosen.


This section enables you to download, upload, and replace images in the interface. You can also edit the stylesheets for the language here.


Generally you won't need to alter anything here. The setting is technical information specific to the .po. file you are working on. Unless you know what you are doing it is best not to change anything here.

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