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Reading Manuals

We aim to provide you with good quality free information on how to use free software. By 'free' we mean the information costs no money, apart from an internet connection of course. However, we also mean 'free' in the sense that you can copy, distribute, and modify the manuals in any way you see fit.

All of the manuals are accessible through the front page of our website, where they are organised into several sections which are categories of software.


You will notice a list of categories in Orange and the softwares listed below each category in grey. If you click on one of the software names you will be taken immediately to that manual. For example, if I click on 'Audacity' I will see the latest version of the Audacity manual :


This is the Audacity Manual.

In each manual there are four sections you need to know about:



On the left side you will see the index of the manual:


The index shows a list of sections in black with the chapters underneath. To read a chapter you simply click on the white chapter title.


If you click on a chapter title the content will be displayed in the section on the right. For example if I click on 'Ubuntu' in the 'Installing' section I will see something like this in the box on the right:

This is the content of the chapter I just chose to read.

PDF and Print Version

If you wish to download the entire manual you can download a PDF version. This can be done by clicking on the 'MAKE PDF' icon:


This icon is always under the heading of the manual and when you click on it you can download a manual with exactly the same content as you see online in PDF format. The PDF also includes a cover and a linked table of contents.

If you wish to print the manual on your printer at home or the office, you should click on 'VIEW ALL & PRINT':


If you click on this icon the manual will be displayed all one one HTML page and without any extra design. It is simply the 'plain', single page, version of the manual. This means you can print it easily on your printer.

Comment and Edit

If you wish to comment on the contents of the manual you can do so using the links at the top right of the content box:


Clicking on 'Edit this page' will take you to the WRITE section of FLOSS Manuals, where you can create an account and edit any of the manuals. Clicking on the 'Discussion' takes you to a page where you can comment on the content without needing to register.

Exit the manual

When you wish to return to the READ section click on the arrow at the top left of the page:


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