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FLOSS Manuals

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Why Use FLOSS Manuals?

If you wish to create documentation about a free software project and you are in search of a community and documentation tool set then FLOSS Manuals is designed for you. Generally speaking, the types of projects that use FLOSS Manuals can be broken down to two paradigms:

  1. Manuals published by FLOSS Manuals
  2. 'Official' documentation written for software projects

Manuals published by FLOSS Manuals

If you wish to contribute to, or create, a manual published by FLOSS Manuals then you simply need to create an account and begin writing. For example, you can do this if you have found a manual linked from the READ section (http://www.flossmanuals.net/read)  and decided you wish to contribute to, extend, and improve it. This is, at the time of writing, the most common motivation for using FLOSS Manuals.

Official documentation of software projects

However it might be that you are working with a software development team and you are in search of a documentation platform to create the 'official' documentation. In this case FLOSS Manuals offers you a repository to create your own manual and manage it yourself. You can utilise all the tools available and host the manual on your own site by using the FLOSS Manuals 'live manual' API or by linking to the PDF. We can also host templates created by your own team so you can publish static HTML manuals with your own look and feel. If you point a sub domain at our server we are more than happy to change our hosting configuration so that your sub-domain points directly to your manual.

In a short time we also hope to have the Print on Demand process automated so that you can publish to a print on demand service and control the resale value of the book yourself. This means you can sell your manual at a profit to raise funds for the software project. FLOSS Manuals asks no fee and we expect no income from sales of your manuals.

So, you may decide never to list the manual on the front page of FLOSS Manuals, preferring instead to have the docs hosted under your domain.

Our principle aim is not to be a publisher but to create as many tools and outlets for free documentation of high quality as possible. If that means you wish to use the FM tool set but host or 'publish' under your own banner, then that's excellent. We are very happy to offer you a documentation platform to meet all your documentation needs.

Of course, all this is for free software / open source software projects only. If you create proprietary software then...

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