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Manual for typing tutorial with Ktouch


Manual for typing tutorial is basically a book that is written so as to guide the beginner's of computer user help to improve their typing skill. As the use of computer is growing extensively and also almost everything is computer based and hence requires typing on a keyboard to input texts and messages frequently, we felt the need of improving typing skills of the people from their very early age.

Furthermore, this book is intended to provide basic knowledge on typing techniques and help the beginners develop typing skills through a series of easy lessons. This manual will help to learn typing in a correct manner which will help in improving individual's typing speed and accuracy. It also helps to learn the position of the keys on the keyboard and eventually which fingers to place on each key without looking at the keyboard. This manual consists of easy and simple method to learn typing.

It also provides introduction to the various practice softwares such as Ktouch and also gives briefing on Nepali Unicode to provide benefit to the user with by using it. There were problems using Nepali Unicode as we had never used it before but then with practice and extensive research we were not only able to improve our skills on this particular area but also provide our users with an easy manual.

This tutorial will cover following sub-topics:

  • Introduction to Keyboard and Keyboard Layout
  • Keys and finger mapping
  • Working with Ktouch and other typing practice softwares
  • Working with Unicode and Nepali as a language of preference
  • Tips on improving Typing Speed
  • Typing practice Log


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