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Before Your Organization Applies

As an Organization Administrator, you are the overlord of your projects. You are the first and final point of contact for your organization throughout the contest. The Contest Administrators, in this case Google, depend on you to herd the cats (Mentors) in your organization to ensure they meet their obligations to their Students, your organization, and the contest.  

How do I create a profile in Melange?

The first step to participating as an Organization Administrator is to create a profile in Melange for the current year of the contest. Once you have logged in with your Google account, click on the red Register as an Organization Admin button on the Google Code-in homepage.

Next, you'll need to Create a Mentor Profile.

  1. Since you will already have profile in Melange from participating in one of the previous contests, the top part of the page indicates what user you are logged in as. If this is not correct and you want to use a different account, click on the Not you? link to sign out and sign in with a different account. 
  2. Complete the rest of the form. Note that information entered in the Contact information and Residential Address parts are available only to Contest Administrators.
  3. Please review the Mentor Participant Agreement and, if you agree to the terms therein, click the "I have read, understand, and agree to these terms and conditions" check box. You will notice that this agreement incorporates our Contest Rules by reference. Make sure you have reviewed this document prior to agreeing.
  4. Submit the form to create a Mentor profile.

Once you have created a profile for yourself for that year's contest, you will need to go back to the Google Code-in homepage and click on the Sign up as organization button on the homepage. This time you will be taken to the organization application. 


Where do I change what Notifications I get?

You can change your preferences at the bottom of your Profile by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.  You will see help text below each of the notifications describing more about how they function.

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