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Mifos user manual

How to add a question group

Question Groups

A new question group is defined by clicking the Add New Question Group link on the Admin tab or the define a new question group link on the "View Question Groups" page. The user names the question group, specifies the workflow or entity to which the question group applies, and adds questions to the question group.

To add  a question group:

  1. On the Admin tab, click Add New Question Group under "Manage Questions."
  2. In the “Add Question Group” page that displays:

    1. Enter a question group title in the "Question Group Title" text box.
    2. In the "Applies To" text box, select the workflow or entity to which the new question group applies.
    3. If the response will be editable, indicate this by clicking on the checkbox. Leave it unchecked if the response will not be editable. 
    4. Keep the default section heading that is displayed in the text box or enter a new section heading.
    5. Check the appropriate radio button to indicate whether an existing and/or new question will be added to the section.
    6. Click Add Questions to post the question.
    7. After the question is completed, the user may:
  • Remove the question by clicking the Remove link.
  • Add another question by following steps 4-6.
  1. Make the desired changes.
  2. Click Submit to save the changes or Cancel to discard the changes.
  • If Submit is selected, the changes are saved and the user returns to the "Administrative tasks" page. The changes are reflected on the "View Question Groups" page.
  • If Cancel is selected, the changes are discarded and the user returns to the "Administrative tasks" page. None of the changes are saved.

The following figure depicts the "Add Question Group" page with a new section title and two existing questions posted.


  1. Hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one workflow.
  2. To add a new section heading:
    1. Enter the new section title in the "Section Heading" text box.
    2. Click Select from list of existing questions and select a question (or questions) from the "Select Questions" menu; click Add new question to create a new question.
  3. Adding questions:
  • Questions can be added to the question group from the question bank or the user can add new questions while creating the question group.
  • The new question will be automatically added to the question bank.
  • The user can select multiple questions from the question bank to be added to the survey.
  • If a question has already been selected for the question group, it cannot be added again.
  • Within a question group, a question cannot be a part of more than one section.
  • To select an existing question, click Select from list of existing questions:
    • Type the question name in the "Selected Questions" text box. When the desired name displays, click the checkbox beside the name.
    • Use the scroll bar or the up and down arrows on the question name menu box to locate the desired name. When the name displays, click the checkbox beside the name.
  • To add a new question, click Add new question. (Refer to "How to add a new question.")
  • To change the order of a section and/or question, click the up or down arrow beside the section and/or question to be moved.
  • The user can mark each question as mandatory. To mark a question as mandatory, click the "Mandatory" checkbox. By default, each question added is mandatory.
  • To remove a section and/or question, click the Remove link.
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