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NOSI Primer 2012


The NOSI Primer is a collaborative effort and would not exist if it weren't for a dedicated group of people who contributed time and effort.  Dirk Slater, from FabRiders, wrote much of this edition, along with re-organising content from previous editions written by Michelle Murrain and Amanda Hickman.

A special thank you goes out to the following, who contributed to this edition:

For copy editing and proofreading:

Ric Mallamo

For contributing case studies and content

Michael McAndrew

Eric Goldhagen

Amanda Hickman

Tim Smith

For contributing ideas and helping to shape the vision for this version:

Michelle Murrain,

Amanda Hickman

Ryan Ozemek

Phil Oswaldo Christano

Andreas Jenny

Jonathan Goldberg

Marie Deatherage

Roshani Kothari

Hilary Naylor

Seth Schoen

Stan Gould

Andrew Mallis

Sara M. Worthy

John P Parrish

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