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Open Movie Editor

OpenMovieEditor: Introduction


Open Movie Editor (OME) is a easy to use video editor suitable for home use or for simple video editing projects. The interface will be familiar to anyone that has used software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker (for example). If you haven't used a video editor before then OME is one of the best softwares to start on and will fullfil your needs for a long time to come.


OME works on Linux, so if you have Ubuntu on your computer or another flavour of Linux such as Debian, SuSE, or Mandriva then you can easily install OME. If you have Ubuntu Studio then OME is already installed.

OME does not work on Windows or OSX although the developers wish to see this happen and it may occur in time (watch this space!). Unfortunately neither Dynebolic or UBuntu Live CDs come with OME so if you wish to try it out you are going to have to install it yourself.

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