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Plumi: EmailNotifications

Configuring Email Notifications - Publishing Workflow

Each time content is submitted for publishing, published, retracted or sent back (see publishing workflow chapter) an email is sent to the content owner and/or Reviewers.

You can change the text of these emails via this file:

$ vi src/plumi.content/plumi/content/adapters.py

Here you can navigate to, for example, the definition of the text sent to the content owner when their video is submitted for publishing (text is in bold), and make changes as necessary:

    def notifyOwnerVideoSubmitted(self):
        """ Email the owner of the submitted video """
        logger = logging.getLogger('plumi.content.adapters')
        #IPlumiVideo implementing objects only
        if IPlumiVideo.providedBy(self.context):

            membr_tool = getToolByName(self.context,'portal_membership')
            mTo = member.getProperty('email',None)
            if mTo is not None and mTo is not '':
                mMsg = 'Hi %s \nYour contribution has been submitted for review before publishing on the site\n' % member.getProperty('fullname', creator)
                mMsg += 'Title: %s\n\n' % obj_title
                mMsg += '%s/view \n\n' % obj_url
                urltool = getToolByName(self.context, 'portal_url')
                portal = urltool.getPortalObject()
                mFrom = portal.getProperty('email_from_address')
                mSubj = 'Your contribution : %s : was submitted for review.' % obj_title
                #send email to object owner
                    logger.info('notifyOwnerVideoSubmitted , im %s - sending email to %s from %s ' % (self.context, mTo, mFrom) )
                    self.context.MailHost.send(mMsg, mTo, mFrom, mSubj)
                    logger.error('Didnt actually send email! Something amiss with SecureMailHost.')

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