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Record Desktop with Open Broadcaster Software

Installing OBS

To begin recording your desktop, you will need to install CamStudio on your computer. Go to obsproject.com and click the download link that corresponds to your operating system (this guide assumes you are using Windows OS). The website will download an .exe file on your computer. Open the file and then go through the setup wizard on your computer. Now you are ready to open OBS.


Run the auto-configuration wizard to begin using your new software with the recommended settings. You will need to decide how you will use OBS before closing the wizard. Select the option to optimize just for recording, then click Next.

Change FPS (frames per second) to Either 60 or 30, but prefer high resolution, then click Next through the wizard until you are able to click Apply Settings.

Now that you have installed and configured OBS on your computer, you are ready to learn the basics.

Note: You can run the auto-configuration settings at any time from the Tools menu.

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