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Creating Custom Fonts

With HTML5 and CSS3, it has become easy to use custom fonts on your web site. Fonts can be saved in different file formats: OTF, TTF and SVG. The letters, numbers and special characters a font consists of are called glyphs.

Inkscape provides a dialog dedicated to the creation of SVG fonts in the menu under Text > SVG Font Editor. There is a special template prepared for you to use when you want to create a font, which is meant for drawing one glyph per layer. When you create a font, this basically means that you will need to create as many glyphs as your font is supposed to contain. To open the template, use File > New from Template > Typography Canvas. For creating an SVG font, follow these steps:

  • 1. In the column labelled Font, click on New to create a font. You can double-click on the generic name of the font to change it.
  • 2. In the Glyphs tab, click on Add Glyph to indicate that you want to create a new glyph. Double-click on the Glyph name field to name your glyph, and on the Matching String field to enter the letter that it corresponds to.
  • 3. Draw the path for your glyph on the canvas.
  • 4. When you're happy with your glyph, select it, and also select the corresponding row in the dialog, then click on Get curves from selection.

Repeat this process for all the glyphs in your font. You can always test your font by typing a text into the field at the bottom of the SVG Font Editor dialog and looking at the preview above it.

This functionality is meant for typographers, but amateurs, too, can quickly get a working result and test their work as they go.

When your font is finished, you can use a software like FontForge where you import your SVG font and can export it into different formats to be able to use it with other software.

If you speak French, read the book "Fontes Libres" to learn more about creating typography.

Template for creating typography

Dialog for creating SVG fonts

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