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Tech Tools for Activism Workbook

Mapping Online Organising Tools

This workshop can be delivered in an hour or adapted by going more into the specfics of the tools. 

10 mins - Optional Warm up

Start a quick open discussion on the subject - via a warm up.
For example - a spectrum line one "Online organising and outreach is THE most important part of campaigning today."

10 mins -Generating ideas

Give out several post-it notes. The notes are of two colours. Say - orange for activities and green for tools or software to do it. Activities are like organising a demonstration as a group, radical discussion group, publicisting a benefit gig,.
Write down as many as possible in 5 mins.
During the process help participants get ideas flowing on to the notes and prevent them getting bogged down in details.

5 mins - Explaining the Matrix

Draw attention to an imaginary matrix on the wall. I explain what the matrix means.

The vertical axis represents ease of use of the tool, how accessible it is, (not how widely it is used). At the top is very accessible.

The horizontal axis represents how private or secure we feel the tools is, issues of selling data and surveillance can be introduced here but just lightly, don't get stuck here. 

The goals is to place all notes in the matrix. Place the note to the far left if you think it it is vital. Place it towards the right if you think it is not relevant to the target audience or can’t fit in this course.

5 mins - Starting the Mapping

To start the process the facilitator takes notes at random and asks the group where they should go. Try not to direct this too much with your opinion but chip in with facts if you think it's useful.

10/ 15 mins - Group Mapping Activity

Now move to getting up close and personal to the notes, with everyone getting up and involved in placing notes on the matrix. When all notes are placed in the matrix, I encourage people to start grouping the notes into areas and to share the reasons for moving the notes around.
The matrix activity starts with people acting individually or as pairs and as it moves to end stages you can encourage bigger group discussions. If we get bogged down move things on to another area letting people know that this activity is just to get a sense of the issues.

15 mins (or to end) - Review and Resources

Review this as a group. Examine the different areas, activities and tools and invite thoughts, comments or questions. Explore people's knowledge of tools like Status.net, Crabgrass, encrypted email, IRC?

How can those tools interact? What are some possible tactics?
ie with cross-posting from anonymous blogs to twitter, FB, to minimise data sharing.

This is the time to pitch in with your own thoughts and opinions and tactic.
What tools do you use and why? What would you avoid and why?

In this last section try to make references to how people can follow this up with their own research and to resources to do that.

Possible Follow up resources
techtoolsforactivism.org & leaftlet
https://www.tacticaltech.org/ - security in a box

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