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UpStage User Manual

Logging In

Players log in to UpStage to create and present performances. They do not need anything other than a browser with the Flash player plugin to do this.

Note that audience members do NOT log in to UpStage; their view of the stage is different to that of logged in players. Players watching performances by other players are advised to log out first so that they experience the performance as it's intended to be viewed, without the distraction of the on-stage player tools.

There are two levels of player log-in: "player only" and "admin". The player-only log-in is used for guests and new users, and gives access to the on-stage player tools but not to the Workshop. The admin log-in gives access to the Workshop as well, meaning that the player can upload and edit media, and create and manage stages. Having a player-only log in helps to reduce the incidence of inexperienced users uploading unuseable media.

For the UpStage Open Server, 8084, players can log in at http://upstage.org.nz:8084  or at http://upstage.org.nz:8084/admin.  Once logged in they will find themselves in the Foyer, a customisable landing page that provides links to existing stages and to the media management tools.

Players can change their own passwords and edit other information in their profile.



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