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Video Production

VideoProduction: Introduction


This toolkit is aimed at you. You are anyone who wants to know how to get that message across. You want to tell the world (or maybe just a few friends to start with) about your story. You may be a community group with a strong sense of purpose, or an individual seeking to communicate with a larger audience. You may want to tell a news story or make a music video.

In the last few years the changes in digital photography and the Internet mean that you can have the power of the media in your hands. Both cameras and computers are now available on the High St and are capable of creating video for your teatime news bulletins. The last remaining snag is that most people’s videos are too dull to watch. Some groups get around this by employing a specialist film maker. You don’t need to. This toolkit gives you what you need to actually use the equipment, to develop skills, get your story told, be creative, and make an impact.

This is all you need! It will cover all aspects of film from the idea and the reason behind it, to editing, uploading, viewing and finding your audience. In short we will cover the technical, creative and functional aspects of your video.

We will keep it simple. We are not trying to teach you everything you need to know to make blockbuster films or TV series. We will show you what you can do. Luckily the basics of filming are the same as the advanced stuff, so if you do want to end up releasing Star Wars 7 you can still start here. We also include pointers to where you can learn more and develop your talents further should you wish to conquer Hollywood or Bollywood. You will gain not only the knowledge, but the confidence to create, produce and share your story.

We will show you:

  • How to turn your ideas into a coherent message or story whether this is in documentary or fiction style.
  • What type of equipment you need.
  • How to use the equipment, what to film, and how to edit it down to something worth watching.
  • What legal areas you need to be aware of.
  • How to reach your audience and make them sit up and listen!

Equipment is changing all the time. The information in the toolkit will be based on what is current today but not specific to it. We will put the more up-to-date stuff in the appendix at the back and refer you to good websites for the latest information on equipment etc. We will also put in some extra bits which you can use like blank storyboard templates and legal forms.

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