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Ardour: AdvancedLinuxConfiguration

Advanced Linux Configuration

JACK and Ardour will run quite a bit better if your Linux operating system is properly configured for Real-time operation. Ardour will function properly without such configuration, but you may suffer 'glitching' or 'stuttering' of the audio under some circumstances. Distributions of Linux that automatically allow Real-time operation can be downloaded for free, including Ubuntu Studio and 64 Studio and this is the simplest method to get Real-time operation for Ardour.

Setting up a Real-time system for other distributions is beyond the scope of this manual, as it involves recompiling your Linux kernel as well as setting up some specific configuration files.  The following resources may be useful to the interested reader:

Mailing Lists/Forums

Assistance, help, and enlightenment is often available from other Linux users;

Linux Audio
A helpful starting point for those getting started with Linux audio.

Linux Audio Users mail-list
A friendly mail-list with advice/assistance from many veteran users across many variants of Linux. 

Linux Musicians forum
A newbie friendly forum for questions about any platform.


Linux Musicians WIKI
A WIKI page containing information about Linux Real-time audio configuration, supported audio hardware on Linux etc.

Linux Audio WIKI
Lists available Linux distributions for sound production and available audio software on Linux.

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