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Ardour: ShortcutCheatsheetsAndChatFunction

Further Help

Besides the URLS listed in the Links chapter, there are a couple of resources on the Internet to help you learn Ardour and fix some of the problems that you might have along the way.

Ardour Shortcut Cheatsheets

To make working with Ardour faster and easier, there are Ardour Shortcut Cheatsheets available for OSX and Linux (http://ardour.org/node/2894). These are likely to change between versions, so it is always a good idea to get the latest versions from this website.

Getting Help via Chat

A good way to get support when learning Ardour and working with it, is using the Chat function. Ardour has a built in "Chat" option, found in the Main Menu under Help > Chat to connect (via your web browser) to the Ardour IRC channel at Freenode.

You could also use your IRC capable chat application (like Pidgin or Xchat) to connect to the Ardour channel (#ardour or #ardour-osx) at the Freenode network, or use this weblink directly:

http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ardour .

Enter a nickname and connect, you are welcome!

In such a IRC Chat channel or room, you find the Ardour developers and other users to chat about using Ardour, problems and/or bugs you are facing, or about suggestions for Ardour which you want to discuss.

Getting Help via Mailing Lists

For those that prefer mailing lists to IRC chatting, the Ardour Users mailing list is also a good place where users and some developers discuss all kinds of problems and ideas related to using Ardour. This is an active list, with many helpful and knowledgeable users around to help guide less experienced people. There are sometimes more general discussions about topics like recording technique, audio interface selection, etc.


Getting Help via the Online Forum

If you would rather not sign up for an email list, you can also browse or post questions to the online forum at Ardour.org. Many common questions about setting up and using Ardour have been answered there already. Posting to this forum requires registering with the Ardour.org website.


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