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Ardour: SaveSnapshot

Saving Snapshots

Saving a Snapshot in Ardour is similar to saving your Session to a new file, however using a Snapshot avoids overwriting the original Session file. A Snapshot contains the current state of your work, while sharing all the audio and data files of the Session.

Save a Snapshot

You can save a Snapshot via the menu: Session > Snapshot


By default the program will name the new Snapshot according to the current date and timestamp of your system. If you wish, you can change the name to one that more meaningfully corresponds to the Session you are working on.

Recalling Snapshots

You can recall a saved Snapshot via the 'Snapshots' tab in the area on the right:


There you see the Snapshot we just created, and the 'start' entry represents the original state of our session.


Sometimes it is helpful to have a default starting point for your Sessions rather than a Snapshot of changes you have made. To learn how to do this, please continue to the next session called Saving Templates.


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