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BookSprints: TimeLine

Time Line and Schedule

Book Sprints can have different time lines based on several factors. If there is a lot of content already available and the intent is to organize it into a book, that may not take as long as starting from a blank screen. A sprint that has a lot of authors may also take less time. In general, we have found that a five day sprint to be most effective.

Here are some guidelines for a schedule we have used.

 Sunday 10-20 minutes for training on FLOSS Manuals tool set, and 2-3 hours for outlining the entire book within the FLOSS Manuals tool. Use a projector for demonstrating FLOSS Manuals and for filling out the chapters and sections to be written in the upcoming week. Arrange for dinner together to let the writers get to know each other socially over food and drinks. Because, some people may be traveling long distances to attend, make sure the planning comes before the socialising. You can be sure socialsing will take place later, but it is important everyone is present at the planning discussions.
 Monday A full day of writing from about 9:00 AM to about 6:00 PM, with a lunch break. Short review after or before dinner. Socialise at night.
 Tuesday Another full day of writing. Review at midday. Perhaps let people choose whether to hang out or write in the evening.
 Wednesday Another full day of writing. Freeze all chapters - no more chapters to be added after this point.
 Thursday The sprint within a sprint. Start at 9.00 AM and write until all the content is entered or you fall off your chairs with fatigue. All content must be completed by the end of the day.
 Friday A full day doing only cleanup on the content that is considered complete. Print the entire manual and proof it before getting it ready for print production by adding the cover. Plan some fun evening event as a reward.

If you have remote participants, you may want to schedule a daily conference call. In this call, all persons give their status and describe any blocks they encounter that are preventing progress on any part of the manual. This meeting should occur at the beginning of each day, with the understanding that sometimes that time might be shifted on any specific day.

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