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Firefox: Interface

Interface Overview

The main Firefox window includes menus, buttons, toolbars, and a search box. The following image shows the main window.

For an explanation of each numbered pointer, see the table following the image.


 Pointer  Feature  Description
 1 Menus Provide various commands for using Firefox.
 2 Browse Buttons Used when browsing the web. These include Back, Forward, Refresh, Stop, and Home buttons.
 3 Toolbars Used for navigation and bookmarking, among many other functions.
 4 Location Bar Text box for typing the URL of a web page.
 5 Edit Bookmark Tools Enable you to remove, name, move, or tag a bookmark.
 6 Search Box Text box for typing a search term, with a menu of search engines to select from.
 7 Tabbed Pages Allow you to open multiple web pages at the same time and switch between them by clicking on a tab.
 8 Status Bar Shows the current status of the web page, such as security alerts.
 9 Main Content Pane Shows the currently displayed web page.

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