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GSoC Mentoring

End of Year Report

Phew! You made it. There may have been some rough spots along the way, perhaps even some failures, but you made it. Your work is almost done. It's time to take a look back and produce an End-of-Year Report. Make it fun and it'll be painless. Heck, people might even read it! 

The report should be written for a general audience, so include an introduction to your organization and your main goals. You might mention how many years you've participated in GSoC and the number of students you've mentored.  Depending on how many projects you ran, you should highlight what they were about, how much code was written, and code integration plans. Were there any special events or face-to-face meetings over the summer? Any positive surprises?

In the end, the report is all about the students. Be sure to mention any blogs that were maintained by your students, and any public references to their work. Links to screenshots or video demonstrations are quite effective. Including student quotes is a fun way to represent not only their experience but also your organization, through the eyes of new contributors.

You can also tailor the report to be good blog fodor for the Google Open Source blog post your organization administrators need to submit each year to Google program administrsators. That blog post should have some fun stories about the work the student did or quotes from the students or mentors to make it more interesting to the reader.

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