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Additional Resources

We've collected our favorite and most useful resources specific to GSoC here.

General Resources

You want to take a look at the Program Rules and Frequently Asked Questions each year to make sure you have a good idea of the rules for the program. There's a wealth of information included in the Program Rules and FAQs (and this manual), even for experienced participants. You can always find the latest information on the site: https://g.co/gsoc

Additionally, these resources are quite helpful:

Program IRC Channel
Several knowledgeable folks (mentors, org admins, former students, current students and Google Program Admins) hang out in #gsoc on Freenode and would be happy to give you a pointer in the right direction. And many organizations have their own IRC channels that you can hang out in.

Blog Posts
You can find material related to GSoC on the Google Open Source Blog at https://opensource.googleblog.com. Your project may have a blog or newsletter where GSoC information was published in the past, as well.

Knowledge Base
If you're looking for advice for mentors or students, program promotional materials, presentations about GSoC, etc., start with the program site https://g.co/gsoc, particularly the Resources section.

List of Organizations
You can see a list of the mentoring organizations that participated in previous years of the program by going to the program site and looking at the Archive site: https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/past-summers


Mailing Lists

There are two program mailing lists.

Announcement Only List
For announcements from Google's program administrators only. Used infrequently.

Program Discussion List
Open subscription list for the program. General talk about the program, light traffic except during the launch phase of the program each year. It is always excellent for you to stop by and encourage a newbie, though, so please don't totally ignore this list. 


Producing Open Source 
Written by Karl Fogel. Excellent guide to Open Source development. Its available free online. 

Google Summer of Code Mentors Guide

Teaching Open Source
by Karsten Wade

Associated Projects

Teaching Open Source 
irc : freenode #teachingopensource

What to Do When the Unexpected Happens?

  1. Contact your Mentor. He or she can help you figure out what to do next or contact Google for more help.
  2. Contact the Org Admin.
  3. Talk to Google's Program Administrators. They have plenty of experience with all the corner cases and strange issues that can arise during GSoC. Email gsoc-support@google.com for help. 

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