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Icecast: InstallingLinuxDebian

Installing on a Debian Linux

Software name : Icecast
Homepage : http://www.icecast.org
Software version used for this installation :
Operating System use for this installation :
Recommended Hardware : 200 Mhz processor (CPU) minimum, internet connection

The easiest way to install programmes on Linux machines is to use the package manager of the operating system. A package manager is a programme that oversees the installation and removal of other programmes. It can install the programmes you want automatically for you. On Linux distributions based on Debian (for example Ubuntu) the package manager is called APT (Advanced Package Manager). You can install the icecast server with apt by typing the following into a terminal. This means you will first need to know how to open a terminal (also known as 'shell' or 'command line'). When you have a terminal open type the following to install Icecast :

apt-get install icecast2

If you are not sure whether your linux has APT, it is safe to try this command, so just go ahead. If you get an error message, your Linux distribution is not based on Debian Linux, or it could also be that you are not connected to the internet (APT downloads the installer files from the internet). If you have trouble, first check your internet connection and then try :

  1. install from source
  2. use a different package manager. For example, on Gentoo Linux the package manager is called Port, so you would have to type "port install icecast2".

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