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Introduction to Mallard

Mallard in action 

Here is a basic example of Mallard in action. Provided below is the raw Mallard markup for a topic page on planting beans and a screenshot of what that page looks like when displayed with Yelp on a Linux system. 

Topic page XML

<page xmlns="http://projectmallard.org/1.0/"

  <title>Planting Beans</title>

  <p>By the end of this page, you will be able to plant your magic
  beans and nurture them into a bean sprout.</p>

      <p>Dig a hole 5cm deep.</p>
      <p>Place your magic beans in the hole.</p>
      <p>Fill the hole with clean dirt and pat it level.</p>
      <p>Water daily.</p>


Topic page in Yelp help viewer

There has been error in communication with Booktype server. Not sure right now where is the problem.

You should refresh this page.