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Introduction to Mallard

Page descriptions


Use the <desc> element to provide a short description for a page or section. This description is generally not shown on the page itself, but is used in automatic links to the page or section.


Use the <desc> element to show a short description of the topic on guide pages:

  <desc>Use applications and the desktop without a mouse.</desc>

<title>Keyboard navigation</title>

Short description of the Keyboard navigation page


Using <desc> to create links to sub-topics in a guide page:

    <link xref="keyboard">Keyboard</link>,
    <link xref="mouse">mouse</link>,
    <link xref="prefs-display">display</link>,
    <link xref="prefs-language">languages</link>,
    <link xref="user-accounts">user accounts…</link>

<title>User &amp; system settings</title>

Sub-topics on a guide page

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