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Introduction to Mallard

Projects that use Mallard

A number of projects use Mallard. As Mallard gains users, we hope to add more projects to this page. If you have a project written with Mallard, please notify the Mallard mailing list. You can join the Mallard list at http://projectmallard.org/about/contact


The documentation for the GNOME desktop is written in Mallard and displayed in Yelp. See GNOME user help at https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome‑help/stable/ for an example of the static help. GNOME applications such as Web, Eye of GNOME, Evince and others are documented using Mallard.


Ubuntu also uses Mallard for documentation. Clicking a help link in Ubuntu brings up contextual help generated with Mallard, and the HTML documentation is created from the same Mallard source. See the Ubuntu HTML documentation at https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/ubuntu‑help/index.html


Shotwell is a photograph organization application that uses Mallard to generate its contextual help and user guide. See Shotwell user help at http://www.yorba.org/shotwell/help/ for an example.

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