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If you've ever sent an email only to realize that you've forgotten to attach a needed file, the Attachment Reminder add-on is for you. When you click the Send button, the add-on checks your message for any keywords you've defined as "signals" for including an attachment. If it finds any of the keywords, the add-on prompts you to add an attachment.

NOTE: As of November 2011, Attachment Reminder is not yet compatible with Thunderbird 7 or 8.

Installing Attachment Reminder 

  1. Click here to go to the Attachment Reminder web page.


  2. Click Continue to Download.
  3. After reading through the End-User License Agreement, click Accept and Download and save the file to your hard drive.
  4. Open Thunderbird and click the Tools menu. Then, choose Add-ons.
  5. Click the Tools for all add-ons button (represented by a gear icon) and choose Install Add-on From File.


  6. Navigate to where you've saved the Attachment Reminder file. Select it and click Open.

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